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Privacy Policy

On this page we specify our privacy policy and the way in which we process and use any data that we receive about visitors to our website.

Our legal obligations

We are very conscious of our duties under the various privacy related legislations and we follow their guidelines scrupulously.

Our retention of information

We do not retain any information about any other person longer than it is necessary.

We try to make it as easy as possible for those that we have information about to control it.

We try to be as transparent as possible about our collection of information.

Types of information that we collect

Whenever you visit a website your visit is recorded automatically on the server that the website is stored on. Information which is gathered includes the IP (Internet protocol) address that you were using at the time, the date and time of your visit, the length of time you spent on each web page, the browser that you were using, the type of device that you were using, and several other minor issues. We do not process this information in any way.

If you send us an e-mail or contact us in any other way we will store a copy of your communication for the sole purpose of responding to it in the proper manner. We will not disclose this information to any other person or use it for any other purpose ourselves.

How we store information

We keep all information that we have confidential. Our web servers and computers are protected by industry standard security systems.

Your access to our data

You have the legal right to access any data that we hold about you on our computer systems. You also have the right to insist that we alter any incorrect information. We will also, at your request, delete any personally identifying information that we hold about you.


Our website does not use cookies.

Websites that we link to

Our privacy policy applies to this website only, which is There may be hyperlinks on our site which lead to other websites, which will have their own privacy policies which you should study individually.

Alterations to this policy

We may change our privacy policy from time to time and so you should refer to this document regularly.


If you have any concerns about our privacy these contact us at the following e-mail address:

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